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Below are the copy/paste of the filtered/hidden reviews:

Midori H. (for Midori + Nate’s wedding)
Wow, if I could give her more stars, I would!!! Nani made our 1940’s themed evening wedding so magical. I know the event would not have been exactly what I wanted had she not been my photographer. I have never seen anyone who can do evening wedding pictures like Nani. Most photographers get too “flashy” once it’s dark, with pictures that make people look too washed out and the background non-existant. If you are having a night wedding, you MUST book Nani! Here are some pictures from our wedding!.

Renea B. for (Renea + Steve’s photo session)
My long time boyfriend and myself had a photoshoot with Nani Oei on march 15th 2011. It was a gusty day and a bit cold and rainy but we all  made the best of it. Besides letting us go over time with out charging us she also let us take a coffee break to warm ourselves. She was so helpful on poses and has vision that could rival Eric Ryan Anderson (leading photographer in the 2010). She was easy to work with and at first look you may think, this is going to be hard, but she speaks clearly and directs you into loving or fun poses that are so real they actually cured a fight I had with my boyfriend before the shoot. She finishes by sending you your pictures in beautiful boxes with ribbon … she goes the extra miles in every way. I hope I need Photo’s again just so i can work with her! Thanks Nani
Always, Renea

Kimberly A. (for Kim + Tanner’s engagement photo session & wedding)
nani was fantastic!!!!  she did our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos and we feel blessed that out of all the photographers in the seattle area we found the one who shared our vision.  i met nani for coffee october 2009 and fell in love with her work.  at that time she had only done one other engagement shoot and was the second photographer in one other wedding- but i saw that she was such a great talent and i knew i needed to book her.  i was on a tight wedding budget and i was thrilled that she was within my budget!!!  she did our engagement photos in november 2009 and our wedding in august 2010 and i have some of the most beautiful photos i have ever seen.  also- when you book nani you get the rights to all of your photos so nani and i both own these photos.  she presents them to you in the most beautiful packaging- and gives you the copyright so you can print them ANYWHERE!!!! good luck finding that anywhere else!!!  everyone at the wedding thought she was amazing and if you would like any more details on how amazing nani is please email me at and ask away.  i believe that nani is a true artist- using the world as her canvas and a camera as her brush and i am so happy i took a chance on her pure talent, professionalism and her passion for photography.  her work speaks loud and clear for its self though 🙂

Tam N. (for Tam + Bertrand’s wedding)
Nani is a great photographer.  I had her for my wedding back in August 2010. She made great impression right after our first meeting. She has great quality that you hope for in any vendor. She’s super reliable, understanding, responsive,  polite, patient, and professional. She worked with me closely and paid attention to every details that  I asked for. She loves her work, unlike many vendors who are more concerned about collecting checks.  I contacted her months after my wedding requesting for an extra CD.  She shipped it the same day that I requested.  I’m so happy to know her.

Jillian (Jill) A. (for Jill + Pablo’s engagement photo session)
My boyfriend and I hired Nani to take our engagement photos in August 2010.  I was nervous about the experience, being a shy person, but Nani made me feel so relaxed.  She’s a genuinely kind person — it’s impossible not to like her!  The pictures she took were stunning; I have too many favourites to frame.  She even waded into Lake Washington in her shoes to get a shot!  I will be hiring Nani for all my future photo shoots, and recommend her without hesitation.

Tara M. (for Tara + Randy’s engagement photo session & wedding)
When I got engaged it was important for me to find a photographer whos photos were not only good, but unique and original. I really like the vintage style photography so when I found Nani on craigstlist I was beyond excited! We booked her for our engagement photos and she was such a friendly and professional person I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find her! We had our engagement photos back the very next day and they were in a word, amazing! Aside from being incredibly talented she was such a joy to work with. She’s since done our wedding photos and I couldn’t be happier! I look forward to working with her again in the future and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer.

Cristina R. (for Cristina + Rory’s private wedding)
My husband and I hired Nani for our wedding photographs. Our wedding was very small, just an intimate court house affair, but we were looking for a small photo shoot, of just the two of us. I described to Nani the atmosphere that we wanted for the photographs, and she found us locations to match. From the start, Nani was very accomodating, very nice and efficient. Contract and preparations were easy and straightforward. Even though it was just the two of us, she made it feel very special and gave us full attention. The photographs turned out beautiful and very artistic! I am considering hiring her again for other events. Besides being a great professional, Nani Oei is an amazing artist! I truly love her photographs and I am really glad to have and keep these wedding pictures for the rest of my life.

Jessica A. (for Jessica + Dana’s best friend photo session)
I wanted to give my best friend a gift for when we visited her home in Seattle.  A friend of mine gave me the idea of pictures from a hired photographer.  I looked on Seattle Craigslist and (through fate or magic) found Nani and instantly loved her pictures!  On short notice, I was able to book Nani for a Saturday at the market.
We were late for our appointment and felt terrible but Nani was so sweet despite our tardiness!
I’m not one to like having my picture taken but being with my best friend and having Nani very sweetly direct us made it a lot easier.  Nani was so fun and funny that the whole session was laid back and we ended up having a blast!  She has an amazing eye and the photos were beautiful! She found great colors and liked to let us be creative 😉
Not only did we have fun the day of, the  turn-around time was remarkable. Nani quickly edited and posted our photos on her website so we could see them soon after. Then she sent the rest of the photos on a disk in a gorgeous artistic package.  I sent my family the link to her website and everyone who has seen them can’t say enough good about them.
I have since recommended friends out here on the east coast who are getting married to hire Nani or someone like her because she took my favorite pictures ever!
This all happened in April 2010 and I still routinely talk about Nani and want to have her out east to take pictures for me 🙂 She puts out a beautiful product and her kind and fun personality are an added bonus!

Desiree’ R. (for Desiree’ + Jon’s engagement photo session)
My fiance’ and I hired Nani to do a photoshoot including our dogs and to say that we liked her work would be an understatement. We loved it!! We ended up hiring her for a second session with just the two of us.
I can tell you that Nani is very patient and kind. We have three dogs and they were a bit crazy so I know the first session could not have been easy but she got some great shots and was so patient. She is also a dog lover so that is always a plus! 🙂 I wasn’t sure I would like any of the pictures taken of me (I never do) but she caught some amazing moments that really were “us”, in spite of having three crazy dogs! She has a great eye and an uncanny ability to catch you in that special moment.
Our second photo session was also amazing! I love so many of our photos and honestly will say that Nani exceeded our expectations of any photographer. She also has a very easygoing personality and a great sense of humor. I wasn’t sure how I would feel having someone follow us around taking photos but we both felt very comfortable with her. It felt very natural. I also feel as though I left the session with a new friend.
Nani has a blog, and is on FB,  and I love to see her work as she takes new photos. She never fails to amaze me in her ability to create the most beautiful pictures and capture unforgettable, meaningful moments. Her work also never seems stagnant and you usually do not see the same type of photo twice. Most likely, this is because she usually doesn’t pose you. So, the pictures are very natural.
I really cannot say enough great things about Nani. Hire her and you will not be disappointed. But, you will be left with beautiful photos that you will cherish forever! I am so happy we found her! Thank you, Nani! =)

I want to acknowledge all my clients who have spared their valuable time & made the efforts to write the reviews & gave me a ‘5 out of 5 stars’. I really appreciate it. =)

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