Kate | ForTuni Farm, Bellingham, WA

I met Kate couple years ago at Mary + Albert’s wedding that I photographed. I took a quick photo of Kate + Tuni, her Shar Pei doggie. Kate still remembers me & wanted me to take portrait of her, her doggies & her farm animals at her farm, ForTuni Farm in Bellingham, WA. So I spent some time with them yesterday.

Almost all her animals are rescued by Kate. 2 Shar Pei doggies named Tuni & Gus, 2 horses named Tucker & Mathilda, a cat named Luna, ducks & about 90 chickens (soon to be 110+)! And she’s taking really good care of them all by herself!

Thank you Kate for still remembering me & hiring me. I had a lot of fun!

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