{venkat + sanjana}

Today’s photo shoot was really fun but crazy at the same time. At one point, the rain suddenly poured on us then tapered out. Venkat + Sanjana bravely braced the rain with us, with zero complains. Hopefully other clients will see that rain doesn’t always mean bad for photos. ^_^

The holiday lights are now in full display in Seattle. It’s one of the things I love about photography – taking photos at night with lights everywhere you can see.

Happy Holidays everyone!

All photos were taken with my favorite combination of all time, Leica M 240 + King of the Night 1982 Leica (Leitz) Noctilux-M f/1.0 Lens

Alexei + Nani Zyuzin for Nani Oei Photography
Seattle Portrait | Wedding Photographer